Thursday, March 30, 2017

Disciples making disciples in Zaracai

"Open your eyes," the small voice prompted me. I lifted my head, "...for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these" His Word echoed (Mat 19:14). God was pleased to be present in the hearts of these children in the barrio of Zaracai (Santo Domingo).
Pastor Jorge invited me to this growing outreach that he was leading through two of his disciples, Miguel and Suzana. I was encouraged that our pastors training program was able to help equip, pray for, and encourage Jorge in this evangelistic ministry.
Pastor Jorge (top right), encourages Miguel and Suzana as they lead this local outreach to the children of Zaracai. 

* Please pray this week for the development of our pastor's discipleship group. In Quichua culture it is not easy for them to grasp the power of the informal setting in non-western Biblical and theological education. 

*Pray God would continue to guide pastors and leaders to study in the context of Discipleship.

*Pray for Miguel and Suzana (pictured above) and other "disciples of our disciples" who are on the front lines of evangelistic and discipleship ministries in places few missionaries visit.

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