Wednesday, March 8, 2017

...Jesus simply said "Make Disciples!"

"Therefore go to the un-reached,  plant churches, and set up theological schools in all nations teaching them to obey...”  “No hermano David," (Ross’ Spanish name),  "It does not say that,” A student interrupted, “Jesus simply said 'Make Disciples!'”

Pastor Jose and Pastor Pedro at El Corderito (the Sacrificial Lamb)
 Pastor Lorenzo,  began to read from one of our texts “It all started with Jesus calling a few men to follow him….” (Robert Colemans’s The Master Plan of Evangelism.)

What if we could learn about God in the same way Jesus taught His disciples… if theological education was more than learning about God … but part of our calling to know Him... to serve Him? Would you leave “your nets” if the master asked you to follow Him? 

Pastor Lorenzo from Santo Domingo (and a leader from his church), Pastor Antonio from Capolusipungu, and Jorge Moyolema, director of the SINAI seminary in the first meeting of our Pastors Discipleship Group.
Lorenzo continued, “His concern was not with programs to reach the multitudes, but with the men whom the multitudes would follow.” (ibid)
Pastor Jorge Herrera co-teaching a Bible course with Ross as part of the Earthquake Crisis Response project in Pedernales.
Please pray for the formation of our Pastors Discipleship Group. We have six students committed to study right now and are asking the Lord to raise up four more who desire "follow Him" through our program of Discipleship Training.

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