Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Tsachila invitation to prayer!

Tsachila outreach team in front of the newer Tsachila church building

"Hermano David," Lorenzo's voice crackled over the poor cell phone connection, "I have good news! Leaders from the Tsachilla church in Congoma called to invite us and members of our church to join them for a day of prayer and fasting! Can you come?"

I was encouraged,  this invitation came in response to our survey trip to Congoma last week.

Our recent outreach to the Tsachila people was born out of several years of prayer.  I think it very fitting that our first contact* with this small band of believers will also begin in the context of prayer!  (*beyond our initial visit with Rosa last week)

Please join us on Feb 8 (8am-4pm) for a time of prayer and fasting with the Tsachila church.  When you close your eyes to pray, picture a Tsachila hand in your left, and a Quichua hand in your right, as they will be praying next to you in Spirit from Congoma. Together, with one voice we will magnify the Lord and pray for his gospel witness to go forth among the Tsachila people.

Let us know, I am sure word of your participation will greatly encourage them!

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