Monday, January 30, 2017

Do you see the unseen? The importance of knowing the cultural and Biblical worldview of the people we disciple!

When our kids were young we used to play "I see something... what do I see?" One person would find something hard to guess and the rest of us had great fun trying to find it.

When I look at the indigenous Quichua, I often wonder "what do they see?" 

Concepts of truth, justice, poverty and suffering are different here. Trust, family obligation, shame, and self-worth are based on a practical need for survival rather than an ideal they cannot connect to. "Do I see what they see?" 

If we are not careful we can import a western gospel of independence, self-sufficiency, and multiplication, that is foreign to their world of relationship, dependence, or loyalty to community. "Of course they see what I see!" 

Yet... if the power of God is placed in the broken, the presence of Christ made manifest in suffering, and in the Spirit of the Lord we find liberty,  Perhaps it is better to first sit with the hurting and be present with them in their world, unjust and corrupt as it is. Then we can walk out together to a new place of hope and learning. For when we turn to the Lord in the midst of our afflictions, we find an eternal weight of glory! "Do you see the unseen?" (2Cor 3:17-4:18)

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