Monday, January 23, 2017

Partnering with the Quichua to reach the Tsachila through Discipleship Training!

This picture represents an incredible connection God has put together in relation to our outreach to the Tsachila people.

On the left is Lorenzo, a pastor of a Quichua church in Santo Domingo and part of Ross' Pastors Discipleship Group. Next to Lorenzo is Jessica, a Tsachila woman who is married to Luis, a Quichua man (not in photo) who attend Lorenzo's church in Santo Domingo.   Next to Jessica is Rosa, a Tsachila sister who attends the Tsachila church in Congoma, whom we met this morning! Rosa knows Jessica's grandmother and is happy to serve as a connection for both Lorenzo and I in a future visit when the church is meeting! Next to Rosa is yours truly!

Unfortunately the Tsachila church in Congoma has gone through a split which has greatly reduced their size to about 15 attenders! The others have left to joined a heretical denomination which has greatly reduced the already small evangelical witness and will create confusion as the two churches begin to present a different message among their people!

Stay tuned and keep praying!

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